With our help and experience, you can invest in your property to increase value, environmental impact, and income; a long-term investment with a great return.

In an ever growing community, flexibility in housing makes sense for environmental, lifestyle, and financial reasons. Accessory Dwelling Units are a unique, innovative solution for these modern issues.

What is an ADU?

  • Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are permitted in residential zones of Salt Lake City.
  • ADUs are separate dwelling units that can be added to existing housing stock to provide more housing in established neighborhoods.
  • An ADU can be a detached structure or can be located within the existing house (attached).
  • ADU size restricted to a maximum of 650 square feet if detached. If attached, it can be up to 50% of house square footage.
  • ADUs require an additional off-street parking space. If located within 1/4 mile of a transit stop the parking requirement might be waived.

"Brach Design brought a substantial expertise for our downtown Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) build in 2020. Our process was easy and exciting thanks to how they interfaced directly with our builders, engineers, and city regulators--removing the guesswork. Brach Design improved upon our original concept with invaluable insight and recommendations—all while adhering to complex local ordinances for a legal build. I fully endorse Brach Design and will return for my upcoming design needs!"
— Robert Guido

What are the benefits of an ADU?

  • ADUs expand housing options for families. You can live close to aging parents or for older kids who desire their own space.
  • ADUs increase income potential of your property (i.e. rent your ADU or rent your principal dwelling).
  • ADUs increase the value of your property. Two dwelling units on your property will be more valuable than one.

Wondering what the next steps are? 

We will consult with you on whether an ADU is a good choice for your lifestyle and property. Reach out and let's work together.

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