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Beautiful, high-performance houses for your health, happiness, and comfort


With over 25 years of experience Brach Design specializes in cutting edge, energy saving design for modern families and developers. With eight certified and pre-certified Passive House projects built in Utah and two certified Passive House Consultants on staff, no other Utah-based architecture firm can deliver an innovative building like Brach Design can.

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"Dave and Tom are great listeners and were very collaborative. When we had ideas/suggestions they were quick to either adopt them and build on them or would explain why it might not work and suggest alternatives. We felt like we were co-creators of our home and we love the final product."
— Scott Tenney

We do our own energy calculations, HVAC systems, and designs in-house. We are a small team, allowing us to invest fully into each project and provide personal attention to the spaces we create. Brach Design believes in building spaces that look good, feel good, and do good.

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"They're obviously talented architects but they also bring unique expertise re the environmental impact of what they're designing. They were able to create a beautiful and functional home that uses dramatically less energy than similar homes that are just built to local building codes."
— Scott Tenney