Brach Design's expertise in 3D modeling and energy modeling helps you feel at home even before you get there.

The 3D modeling software we use is indispensable to our process. Because we model the terrain, walls, roofs and everything else in the project, you can truly get a sense for what the building will look and feel like. The software allows you to walk through the spaces in order to see the building before it is framed up on site. In addition we can accurately add texture and material to the model, providing you with the best information to make decisions.

Your project’s current detailed 3D model and plans are always on your phone, tablet or browser—keeping you in touch with your space.

FYI: To view the model, download the model viewer to your desktop, smartphone or tablet

Download a Brach Design 3D Model

Energy Modeling

We can also model the performance of the assemblies to be used in the building. We use the energy model to calculate R-value, U-value and other complicated and interwoven factors that impact heat loss in a building.

From there, we optimize the assemblies to reduce energy demand as much as possible. For example, perhaps we would increase the amount of insulation in the wall, roof or under the slab in order to reduce heat loss. At the end of the process, we see real numbers that equate to building performance. This equates to enormous value for you, the owner/developer of the building.

"Brach Designs was a pleasure to work with. Dave’s commitment to understanding our land and our vision was exceptional. It was apparent from our first meeting on site that he was as committed to our vision as we were. He also was willing to respect our priorities (energy efficiency and simplicity) even when the simplicity aspect limited Dave’s creative opportunities. Dave was always a calm and practical presence in our project. And his attention to minimizing energy usage in our structure exactly matched our goals. What Dave helped us create has become our refuge, sitting lightly on the Earth in a pristine setting."
— Jennifer Eden