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  • contempo cul-de-sac

    contempo cul-de-sac

    This is a fresh vision for the classic 20th century Suburban American residential street pattern: the split level on the cul-de-sac. Located in Holladay Utah, this design (which is scheduled for construction in spring 2015) embodies a triple design concept: first, the modern facade incorporates tasteful opacity for privacy and hinges to hug the radius of the circle; second, the volume perched over the garage houses the home office with expansive views of the mountains; and third the main floor level living and dining areas reach out to the large verdant gardens behind the house.

  • 9&K House

    9&K House

    An amazing new addition to the upper Avenues neighborhood in Salt Lake. The contextual roof lines shelter a clean, open interior plan that is full of day light. Large exterior terraces on both the main and upper level balance privacy and connectedness, and words cannot describe the views. Contractor and Developer: David Vitek Partners

  • "I" Street Renovation and Addition

    "I" Street Renovation and Addition

    Just a few detail snapshots of a substantial renovation, addition and energy retrofit. Please check back soon for pictures of the whole project....

  • YW House

    YW House

    Deep energy retrofit and passive solar kitchen addition to a 1940s brick saltbox in the Canyon Rim Area of Salt Lake County. Exterior insulation increased the R value of the walls from R2 to R16, so that the massive brick walls keep the house cool in summer and warm in winter instead of the other way around.

  • Ruby House, Avenues Historic District

    Ruby House, Avenues Historic District

    The first Certified Passive House in Salt Lake City and the second in the state of Utah. It's architectural design respects the historic context and the planet, while still reflecting the unique vision and tastes of the owners, who wanted a modern, yet down-to-earth passive energy building. This modern gem of the Avenues neighborhood was completed in 2011 and with the addition of a 4 kilowatt solar array in 2014 has become truly a zero impact dwelling.

  • Zevon, Alta Utah

    Zevon, Alta Utah

    We designed this home for a unique and extremely active family of four, who are year-round residents of Alta. Thanks to the passive house design, the winter heating bills are what you would expect of a house in St. George.

  • modern bungalow, Salt Lake City

    modern bungalow, Salt Lake City

    Designed as a spec house in the Liberty Park neighborhood of Salt Lake in early 2006, this total gut renovation and addition juxtaposes a simple modern passive solar form with the shell of a traditional SLC bungalow. Credits: Architect: Brach Design. Associate Designer: H Space. Interior Design: Imbue Design. Contractor: H Space.

  • King Residence, Salt Lake City

    King Residence, Salt Lake City

    Built in 2007 and located in the Liberty Park area of Salt Lake City, this building identifies with its one-story neighbors with a passive solar living room that interfaces directly with the street, but continues back with a comfortable, spacious and private retreat opening up on to the back garden. Credits--Architect: Brach Design. Associate Designer: H Space. Interior designer: Kilter Design. Builder: H Space.

  • 5 Elements House, Salt Lake City

    5 Elements House, Salt Lake City

    This super efficient and comfortable modern passive home endeavors to embody the spirit of the owner, and their interest in the 5 phases used for describing the interactions and relationships between phenomena: earth, metal, water, fire, and wood.

  • Ricks Residence, Provo Utah

    Ricks Residence, Provo Utah

    This home was designed for music composer and his wife and and two children on a narrow piece of land in an existing 1950s neighborhood that had been overlooked by developers and real estate agents. The core elements of the home are the main level living spaces, which focus on the sun for wintertime passive heating, and the lush green grass and maple trees that are incorporated into the home in summer.

  • 9th & 9th

    9th & 9th

    Located in Salt Lake City's 9th&9th neighborhood, this new custom home marries energy efficiency with thoughtful design, while maintaining a scale that is respectful of this dense urban neighborhood. Contractor: domainslc.com

  • Breezeway House, Millcreek Township

    Breezeway House, Millcreek Township

    Completed in 2009, this home was the first Cerified Passive House in the western United States, which means that is was designed and built to conform to what is generally considered the most stringent energy efficiency standard in the world. Passive Houses achieve incredibly low levels of energy consumption through a rigorous integrated design and planning process that optimizes air tightness, super insulation, passive solar gains, super efficient windows, summertime shading, and heat recovery fresh air ventilation.

  • Rosecrest House, Salt Lake City

    Rosecrest House, Salt Lake City

    This home is scheduled for construction in the Spring of 2012. Nondescript, simple and minimal from the street, the home opens up dramatically as it cascades down towards Red Butte Creek in Salt Lake City, taking advantage of the lush green habitat that surrounds this riparian corridor. Contractor: domainslc.com

  • 4th Ave House, Salt Lake

    4th Ave House, Salt Lake

    This project was a gut rehab and addition to traditional wood frame home in the Avenues Historic District of Salt Lake City. Brach Design was an associate designer and cabinet maker on this project, which was led by H Space Design Build.

  • Summit Park House

    Summit Park House

    A New home for a family of four located in Summit Park. Credits: Interior Design by Riley Ridd Interior Design

  • Avenues Solar Duplex, Salt Lake City

    Avenues Solar Duplex, Salt Lake City

  • Sherman Avenue House, SLC

    Sherman Avenue House, SLC

    This was nothing less than the complete transformation of what was literally a tumble-down shack in the Sugarhouse neighborhood to a beautiful, modern, energy efficient, and seismically solid home. The constraints and limitations of a tiny footprint and a 25-foot wide lot were overcome with the combination of natural light, well-chosen textures and materials, and a clean thoughtful organization of space. Contactor: www.domainslc.com

  • Anastasion Residence, Salt Lake City

    Anastasion Residence, Salt Lake City

    A new home on a postage stamp-sized lot in the Liberty Park neighborhood of Salt Lake City. Credits: Architect: Brach Design. Associate Designer: H Space. Interior Design: Imbue design.

  • Campbell Residence, Chicago IL

    Campbell Residence, Chicago IL

  • Louise Ave House, Canyon Rim SLC

    Louise Ave House, Canyon Rim SLC

  • Claybourne


  • Loft Stair, Chicago IL

    Loft Stair, Chicago IL

  • Maple Kitchen, Minneapolis MN

    Maple Kitchen, Minneapolis MN

  • Tooele Passive Farmhouse

    Tooele Passive Farmhouse